From February 2018

Fabric Stash

My husband took the dog and our youngest snowshoeing on Sunday, so I had the opportunity to pull my stash out of the wardrobe to see exactly what I’ve got. I didn’t include all of my quilting fabrics, because frankly, I don’t even know why I have them. I purchased most of them to make cute things for my kids, back when we lived in California and I was exclusively sewing for the kids. Now they’re older, and don’t want me to sew for them anymore (with the exception of PJ pants and pillowcases).

To accomplish this, I went back to Trello. Once again, I was inspired by Helen’s use of this app. She posted about organizing her stash with Trello here. There’s some tweaking to do as far as labels and descriptions are concerned, but it’s a good start. Everything is measured and photographed, so at least I know exactly what I’ve got. It’s not as much as I thought, only 40 pieces of fabric! I was afraid it would be considerably more. Here’s my stash if you want to see what I’ve got and how I’ve organized it with Trello.

The next thing to do was to fold everything again. I think that took longer than getting everything entered into Trello! I like things to be neat and tidy, so I did my best to fold everything roughly the same size. This is easy to accomplish with quilting fabrics, which you can see when you look up on Pinterest (there are some beautifully organized quilt fabric stash photos there!). The trouble with folding up apparel fabric is that they’re all so different! Some are thicker than others, some are slippery, others are grabby (I’m looking at you, corduroy!) The thicker the fabric and longer the yardage, the larger you need to fold it. I wanted my stash organized and easy to sort through – I don’t want to go digging around making a mess looking for something.

What I ended up doing is folding everything so that each piece measures about 10″ x 12″ in width. Everything fits reasonably well in the wardrobe, and I’ve organized it by woven/knit then by fiber content. The exception is the stack of bags on the right, which contain fabric that has a project associated with it. I’ve got two Granville shirts on the go, and plans for some dresses, so the matching buttons and thread are in the bags along with the fabric.

The shoebox in the foreground is full of scraps. I need to get a better box for scraps, or get rid of them. I’m planning on taking my scraps to H&M going forward, as I want to be more sustainable, and they have a textile recycling program. I don’t shop there as I don’t agree with their manufacturing processes, but it is currently the best option for recycling textiles. They don’t belong in the landfill, and while I do donate gently used clothing, a lot of it ends up not being sold in charity shops or is unused by the organization it’s been donated to. Of course, this isn’t an option for scraps, so off they go to H&M.