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Colette Phoebe Dress

Well, I’ve been avoiding posting this one because I was so excited about the pattern and my dress really didn’t work out very well. I’m just going to get this done and over with…


It looks more or less okay from the front, I suppose. There are definitely issues though.

The neckline is way too high for me. I don’t like a neckline that comes higher than my collarbones, even if it’s a t-shirt. Why? Because I’m rather well-endowed, all that fabric just makes my bust look even bigger. There’s nothing to break it up. Maybe some chunky jewelry would help, but that’s not my style. The neckline needs to be lowered about 2″ in the front, and 1″ at the back, because it’s just a wee bit high for me there too.

The fit in the waist is good. The fit in the bust is good. The fit in the hips is okay. The fit across my tummy is terrible. This is more apparent from the side.


Look at those drag lines! I have a bit of a tummy pouch, and that’s what is causing them. I blame my kids, but really, I need to exercise more and it would be less of a problem. There’s not a whole lot of room in this dress for my tummy. Because my tummy is bigger than this dress can comfortably accommodate, it is pushing up the waistline, causing weird wrinkles below the bust.

I don’t want to have to wear spanx, which might help somewhat, but I don’t honestly find them all that helpful. They do smooth out lumps and bumps, but they give me a sausage silhouette, which isn’t much better than lumps and bumps.

I’m not sure I’ll try making this dress again. It just needs too many modifications in order to work. I love the idea of sheath dresses, but with my tummy, I’m not sure they’re the most flattering on me. I’ll try this one again someday, after I get my tummy under control, but in the meantime, I have fabric for four more of them that I need to find other uses for.

Not every project can be a success, and this one definitely was not one of them. I’ll keep it on hand, just so that I don’t have to sew it again later if/when my belly is less pouchy, but this definitely is not a wearable dress.

The other fabrics I purchased are fine wale corduroy and lightweight suiting. There’s definitely enough for either pants and skirts, or dresses. I’m inclined to go for dresses, but I need to find the right pattern. I thought about the Sewaholic Cambie as an option, but it isn’t going to be suitable for the corduroy. I made one out of quilting cotton a while back.

I came across this blog post from Sewaholic, and love the finished dress, but Tasia’s body type is very different from my own. I’d end up with the same issue with the neckline being too high. I don’t like the back either, but the front is nice.

This might be a good option, because of the neckline variations. I find it frustrating that the pattern companies don’t list everything that is in the catalog on their websites though. I’d rather go through the patterns at home, then make a trip to the fabric store. Sadly, I don’t have anything in my collection of patterns that would be suitable.

Oakridge blouse

Sewaholic Oakridge.
Sewaholic Oakridge.

I finally completed my first Oakridge blouse! I did my pattern adjustments a week ago, but didn’t actually sit down to sew it until yesterday.

I sewed the size 12, and graded down to a size 10 at the hips. I did a 1″ FBA, and made the bicep area of the sleeves wider using this tutorial from the Curvy Sewing Collective. I could actually grade the waist in a little bit more, as this blouse, while similar to the Granville shirt, is actually a bit of a looser fit. I like the way it fits as is though.

It’s a good thing I made more room in the bicep area of the sleeves though. I ¬†added 1″, and the fit is perfect. If I hadn’t adjusted them, the sleeves would have been a touch too snug.

The fabric is a lightweight polyester crepe that I purchased at Fabricland.

Sewaholic Oakridge.
Sewaholic Oakridge.

The only part of the instructions that I didn’t follow exactly was the collar. The instructions don’t include any edgestitching, and this fabric isn’t easy to iron. I knew that I’d be constantly pressing the seamed edge of the collar tie, so I decided to edgestitch it, which will solve this problem nicely. The instructions have you hand stitch the collar to the inside, which I also did not do. Because I was already edgestitching the tie, I simply edgestitched across the part of the collar that should have been hand stitched.

All told, I’m very happy with my new blouse, and will be starting my second later today. I have fabric for two more, though I think I will make one of them without the tie.