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Pillowcase for the tall kid

My eldest, who will soon be 14, is a big Legend of Zelda fan. A few weeks ago, I found some awesome Majora’s Mask fabric at Dressew, and bought a metre of it on a whim. I figured I’d eventually decide what to make with it.


Eldest is going for a sleepover tonight, and needs to bring a pillow, so I figured why not make a pillowcase? I whipped it up yesterday, in about an hour. When I make pillowcases, I base them on the measurements and techniques from the One Million Pillowcase project, and use this pattern from All People Quilt. I modify the pattern a little. In this case, I cut a 3″ wide strip of green broadcloth and pressed it lengthwise in half to make an accent strip between the printed fabric and the plain black fabric. When you prepare the opening, just baste this strip to the edge before sewing the loop. Easy as pie! I also had to make it a little smaller than the pattern tells you to, because my green fabric was 1″ too short and I didn’t want seams in it. The joys of sewing from your stash and using up leftovers!

Kid likes the pillowcase, I got to use up some stash fabric, and I’m a happy mum. I’m hoping to find some kind of awesome must-have fabric to make a fun pillowcase for the boy at some point, but nothing has caught my eye.

High Light Quilt – Finished

DSC_4551-001 Remember my post about the quilt I was making for our bedroom? It’s finally finished!

My sister in law has a home-based long-arm quilting business, and because of the size of the quilt, I asked her to quilt it for me. This quilt is massive! I knew there was no way I could ever possibly quilt it on my machine without hating every minute of it, so having it done on a long-arm was the way to go. She quilted it with a series of leaves, in pale yellow thread. I’m really pleased with the quilting, and there’s no way I’d have been able to do it myself.
DSC_4552She gave me the finished quilt in October, but because other projects were a priority, I let it sit for a while. I spent a few hours on Sunday binding it, and threw it in the washer today. Thank goodness for glue basting, or I’d have lost a lot of blood thanks to all of the pins I would have needed! I’m really pleased with my quilt, and love how it looks on the bed. It’s so much better than the boring Ikea duvet we had on it previously.

Pillowcases for Highlight Quilt

Well, my Highlight quilt is now in the capable hands of my sister in law. I picked out a lovely leaf pantograph, and she expects to have it finished in about two weeks, since she’s got some other quilts to finish before she gets to mine. Then I have to bind it (I’m not sure if I’m going to use plain black, or a print. I have some extra from my blocks).

DSC_4363In the meantime, I spent a couple of hours today making pillowcases to match the quilt.

I made a point of buying enough of the grey floral to make pillowcases. I thought that I had enough of the yellow floral to do the band at the opening, so I could put a plain black accent on them, but sadly, I only had enough for one pillowcase, so the yellow became the accent, and I used the polka dotted fabric for the opening.

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. The fabric is nice and smooth, so they should be nice to sleep on. I’ll be writing up a tutorial for making these, as well as a fitted sheet, since I bought fabric to make my son a really cool fitted sheet and pillowcase. Stay tuned!

Sneak peek at Highlight quilt

DSC_4362I love starting a new project, even if it is a project that I purchased supplies for a while back and didn’t get around to starting. This is  sneak peek at my High Light quilt.

The fabrics are from Dressew, and include some Michael Miller pieces, which are more costly than most quilt fabrics I’ve purchased, but they’re very good quality and very pleasant to work with.

I posted a schematic of what I had planned here, and I’m done piecing now. I started cutting fabrics on Thursday evening, and spent Friday and Saturday afternoon sewing. That’s one of the reason I love quilts with large blocks – they go together very quickly. The other reason is that they look more modern than a lot of quilts with small blocks, and you can have fun with larger prints.

This is a large quilt – we have a queen sized bed, but I hate that the sheets hang down below the duvet, so I decided to make a king sized quilt. It was easy to modify the pattern – all I did was make it wider by one row of blocks (which are 20″ across, give or take). I could, theoretically, quilt it on my machine, but that doesn’t sound like much fun. Fortunately for me, my sister in law has a long arm quilting machine, so I’m bringing the quilt and batting with me to visit her, and we’ll talk about quilting it. I don’t have backing fabric yet, so maybe she has a cheaper source for it than either Dressew or Fabricland. I don’t want to pay $50 for backing fabric if I can help it.

I’m going to make some coordinating pillowcases as well. Not shams, because frankly, I’m too lazy to take them off the pillows every night. I’ll use the grey floral with the yellow (which I have lots of) as edging.

The next time you see my quilt top, it’ll be on the bed!



I started these placemats MONTHS ago. I am not kidding. I made one set (which has been used daily since I made them), started the second, then got busy with other things and put them away until today. The catalyst for getting them finished is twofold. One, the weather turned about a week ago, and it feels like Autumn already, even though we’re only a week into September, and the fabrics scream “AUTUMN!!!” Two, I did some rearranging and a little bit of culling of my fabric and craft supplies, and came across the placemats. Rather than stuff them back into the cabinet never to be seen again, I decided to leave them out on my sewing table so that they’d finally be completed.

DSC_4357My husband took the dog hiking today, and the kids were entertaining themselves, so I really had no excuse not to get them finished.

I didn’t use a pattern or existing tutorial for these, so if anyone is interested, I can write up a tutorial. They’re pretty simple, and I really should have written it up and taken pictures as I went along, so that I can make more later. I’d like to make some special placemats for Yule as well, and will probably do so this Winter.

DSC_4360The fabrics for these placemats are leftovers from my daughter’s rainbow quilt, so making them was incredibly economical since the fabric would likely sit in my stash, unused for who knows how long if I hadn’t made these placemats! I like that they’re reversible, in case I want to see the yellow side instead of the orange… or if something gets spilled on them. Just flip them over and throw them in the laundry the next time you’re doing washing.

One thing that I am really pleased about is that because I used cotton quilt batting in the middle and quilted all three layers together, they wash up really nicely. I can’t stand washing storebought placemats and then having to iron them – so long as I take them out of the dryer while they’re still warm, they flatten nicely without having to press them. The first set I made has held up really well, with weekly laundering and daily use for the last eight months or so.