My second Oakridge

Sewaholic Oakridge
Sewaholic Oakridge

Well, it took me a while to finish it, but here’s my second Sewaholic Oakridge! I posted about the first blouse here, and cut out my second a few days later.

The fabric is from Fabricland, and it is a lightweight polyester. I wasn’t sure about the floral pattern, since it is a bit ¬†bright & pastel for my liking, but it was on sale, so I bought it and hoped for the best.

Do I like the finished blouse? The jury is out, as I usually wear darker, more muted colours, but it does make a nice blouse, doesn’t it?

I didn’t make any further adjustments to the pattern after my first Oakridge, as I was happy with the fit of the first one.

I usually sew with heavier, stiffer fabrics (most frequently cotton), so I found that I had to adjust the tension on my sewing machine, which I usually don’t find necessary. Because the fabric was so much thinner than cotton, my seams puckered terribly until I lowered the top thread tension. I still find topstitching challenging, mostly when I reach a corner or edge, because the fabric doesn’t feed evenly, which leads to imperfect topstitching. I feel like I need to find some tutorials to deal with this problem, because I want perfect topstitching! I did find that using a piece of tissue underneath the corners was helpful, but I’m hoping to find other ways to deal with this problem.

For some reason, I had a mental block about sewing the buttonholes. Usually, the closer I get to finishing a project, the more determined I am to complete it, but this blouse sat for a full week before I finally sewed the buttonholes and put buttons on it.

Sewaholic Oakridge
Sewaholic Oakridge

I’m glad to be finished the second blouse, so that I can move on to the collarless version. I have a nice rayon to use for the next one, which is more to my taste than this fabric.

I suspect that the print will grow on me, especially once it warms up enough to wear skirts. The weather has been lovely here recently, but the last couple of days have been cold and wet. I think the Oakridge looks great with jeans, but I really want to wear them with pencil skirts.

Speaking of jeans, my next post will be all about my troubles with finding jeans that fit properly. I’m about to embark on an exciting journey, making my own jeans!

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